Sunday, November 27, 2011

[ share ] PULLMAN HOTEL-Beautiful Sight

hope all of u always in pink...

emm....actly  last week we ent for another holiday @ Putrajaya
actly it's for my sis graduation day
Congratulation to her

Going outstation even without proper planning
could be assumed as holiday
as long as my family and I always happy during that time

We actly checked in @ Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya
near the Putrajaya International Convention Centre( PICC )

It's for 2 days 1 nite
The normal rate for deluxe room is RM 360
But, we only had to pay RM 260 coz we're a government servant
How amazing!!!

Here are some photos were taken there

nice view isn'it ?

me n my daughter

my sis in-law,pikah-dini-me

posing in front of Putrajaya Lake


one of the tower

very classical

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