Saturday, November 24, 2012

[share] Forever Love

lately dah terpaut pulak ngn lagu ni

xfhm pn lirik die..kna tgk sari kata
but bile dgr meremang bulu roma

lagu ape tu...
ala..lagu yg baru je mng kat asian wave aritu

Forever love by shila tp real singer die Wang Lee Hom

blm download lagik tp asyik duk g youtube je
makin byk la rating die..hehe

ni link lagu nye n credit to blackskyjuice for awesome video

Forever Love-Shila Amzah

dlm vid ni die ada translate ke english
mmg best lyrics die

Love is the most beautiful and most distant journey
Along the way there will be deep mud occasionally imbeding our advance
I can feel your body heat in my chest like the warmth of sunshine
you cleverly melt my uneasiness
it's unbelieveable, this proves my reason for loving you
how natural it is

Forever love
Forever love

I just want to spend this lifetime loving you
From now on, you hold the reason of my happiness

your moving eyes, my silence voice
it seems to be the greatest evidences
so let me say one more time
I Love You

Forever love
Forever Love

dedicated to my dearest hubby..

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